Romantic Restaurant In Singapore

Singapore has some great romantic restaurants that can make that special date / birthday / Valentine’s Day / Anniversary very special.
Singapore-Dine’s team chose for you a few romantic restaurant in Singapore. They have been chosen as they all have something that makes them special.
In general, Singapore is blessed with a wide selection of romantic restaurants so the list will change and grow frequently.
Enjoy your romantic evening…
If you come a cross a nice romantic restaurant let us know, we will add it to our list of restaurants so the list of romantic restaurants will constantly grow with relevant new places.

Tamarind Hill Singapore

Nestled atop the forested Labrador Nature Reserve, the restaurant is perfectly reminiscent of the original Tamarind Hill Kuala Lumpur, preserving the milieu of being in a stand-alone historic colonial bungalow amid a vastly green surrounding. An ambiance redefined by Tamarind’s unmistakeable rustic-luxe Asian character and flair, the restaurant serves traditional and contemporary Siamese cuisine within this elegant venue just minutes away from the city.




A perennial favorite on the Singapore culinary scene, FLUTES has continued its preeminence long after moving from Fort Canning to its stately post at the National Museum of Singapore. The setting lends an air of well-deserved authority to FLUTES, where the kitchen is seasoned with both wit of contemporary styling, and wisdom of classic Anglo-European gastronomy.

A beautifully appointed dining room is drowned in natural light by day, from parallel rows of tall, arched windows. In the evening, the terrace is backed by the historic building’s stunning facade. It’s unsurprisingly the choice for many a romantic evening and impressive lunch, serving cuisine that’s frequently regarded as among the city’s finest. Any foodie worth their salt would agree!



Il Lido

 Da Vinci was inventive and Versace is flashy, but when it comes to beautiful Italian dining, Restaurateur Beppe De Vito is the one to know. Roll your eyes now, but once you cast them on your first artistically presented course at ilLido, you will get the picture. With views from Sentosa that can only be called epic, and masterful Italian gastronomy that tastes as good as it looks, ilLido is a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Located within the ritzy Sentosa Golf Club, ilLido is fittingly upscale and classic. The rolling greens and sparkling sea panorama throw subtlety out the window (and on to the coveted verandah dining area). It gets even more beautiful during the golden hour, making it prime time for celebrating special occasions from proposals to nuptials. Long after the sun has set, ilLido mimics its colour palette, painting the room in elegant mahoganies and bronzes. When surrounded by such natural and aesthetic beauty, it’s hard to imagine something else catching your eye, but the seasonally shifting menu and plates tend to have that effect.

Designed with utmost care and executed with artistic flourish, the menu changes so often that even a month away could result in an all new dining experience. The dishes are rooted in Italian tradition but don’t look anything at all like you might expect, the current Octopus and Nduja item replacing polenta with ripe sweet corn. The Solefish and Lobster Knuckles is a similar stunner with plaited citron and saffron hues, and textures of succulent seafood. While art is subjective, the flavours are undeniably great and the experience, in a word, beautiful.